The “5 As” of responding to situation like Covid19 :

Acknowledge that Covid19  is real  and that it is having impact on yours and everyone’s life. Acknowledge that that you will have moments when you fall apart and feel that you don’t know how you can ever pick up and move forward again.

Accept  that your live has been changed  to some degree  in ways you did not  expect. Accept that there are certain thins which are beyond your control and you cannot do anything about them except to have a positive attitude and mindset.

Allow yourself to  take one day at a time as you adjust to the changes,  allow yourself time to feel fed up of being fed up, allow yourself to express the emotions you are experiencing at any given time. Allow yourself to seek help and not suffer in silence. Allow your self to have hope that things will get better and that this too shall pass away

Adapt to the changes .Most of us started this year making new year’s resolutions and a plan of things we want to achieve this year. Covid19 has forced us to stop, take stock of our lives and  rewrite our plan based on an uncertain future.   Though it can be challenging to adapt to this situation which is beyond our control, it is important that we don’t suffer in silence but to seek help, connect with other people so that we can share experiences and support each other.

Ask for help this can be from your family and friends or contacting the many organisations which are providing a lot of free online and telephone.

If you need support please email me


How to use your imagination to escape to Happiness Island and feel good #Escape2HappinessIsland

Right now, a lot of us are going through challenging times because of the situation we find ourselves

Over the years, I have learnt to use my imagination to escape from the stresses and challenges of life  and go to  my happiness Island.

 Happiness Island is a place you can escape to  using your creativity and imagination to experience inner peace, joy and happiness,   Being in Happiness Island allows me to experience good vibes and regain my zest for life and you too can experience that,  I now invite you to take an adventure with me. Woohoo- lets go!!!

Step 1  Best time for you to Escape to Happiness Island

Decide on the best time of the day that you are are  relaxed. (As for me, I am a morning person)   You then need to find somewhere quiet where you can clear your mind and focus.

Step 2  I am ready to experience Happiness and Joy

Take a deep breath in, and then breathe out a couple of times. Now say say the words below.

Step 3.. What does your Happiness Island look like?

Imagine your own Happiness Island using all your senses –  What is the surrounding like? What are you tasting?  What are you smelling? What are you feeling? .What are you hearing? Who is their with you? What are you doing?   What are you eating?  What songs are you listening to or dancing to?

Imagine your Island has everything that you need right now. Spend some time just enjoying your stay their. If you feel like singing sing, if you feel like dancing dance.  Just do anything that makes you feel good,

. Step 4  Be Grateful and thankful for life

Now, focus your mind on God or whoever you see as your source of help and thank them for the Gift of life and all that you have in life right now.  Say out loud at least 7 things you are grateful and thankful for them.

Step 5  Leaving Happiness island energised and happy

Imagine you are now leaving Happiness Island feeling Inspired, Energised, Happy and  beaming with smiles.  Join me and do the happy dance.


As you leave the island you take one of my Gift of Happiness Box. This has  various items you can use to help you sustain your happiness.

Gift of Happiness Box  #HappyBox

Inside this box, you have the following items

Happiness Pledge – For you to pledge that you will devote time to develop your happiness, well being and inner peace.

Small mirror – to remind you that you are unique and special, an original and not a copy

Smiley face – to remind you to smile everyday

Affirmations – 7 happy affirmations that you can read and meditate on each day

Eraser – to remind you that we at times make mistake which we can rob out, learn from it and move on

Miniature Trophy – to remind you that you are a champion, and that you will be celebrating your successes.

Happiness certificate – to remind you to spread the Happiness bug around

Jumbo Size Sun Glasses – which you can wear to have fun

Step 6

As you get back to the real world, do the things you know you have to do to achieve your goal. keep smiling, keep having a positive attitude and keep expecting good things to happen to you.  May the Smile be with you!

Daily reminder

Tip:Be creative and create your own Happiness Island

Get  a plain piece of paper and design your happiness island  or use a computer software using   pictures to bring your Island to life. You can then put this somewhere prominent so you can see it everyday and take a few minutes each day to Escape from COVID19 to you Happiness’ Island and take in some good vibes.

Tips to ease financial burden

The longer this lockdown goes on the bigger impact it has on our finances💷. I feel it is important to look at your family finances. To take stock and check if you are paying for things you no longer need. It is vital to look at your direct debits.

Here are some financial help out and may help ease the financial burden


Many people have been furloughed to avoid redundancy- with the government picking 80% of your wage – this will kick in from this Monday.

If you can’t get furloughed for whatever reason, you may qualify for Universal Tax Credit – however, if you have savings of more than £15,000 you may not qualify.


Lots of banks are now offering free arranged overdrafts on the first £350 or £500. This is applied automatically to your bank account. You don’t need to do anything.

Contactless transactions have been increased from £30.00 to £45.00.


3 months Payment holidays can be arranged with mortgage and credit card companies – you have to contact the company and apply. Do not just stop paying. Interest will be charged but it does not affect your credit rating.

If your MOT is up for renewal – there is a six months extension.


There maybe council tax holiday – so watch this space.
If you were not eligible to get child benefit – if your income has dropped below £50,000 or £60,000 (joint) you may now qualify.


Many NCP car parks are free for key workers and many NHS car parks are now free.


From this Monday bus travel will be free of charge during the coronavirus outbreak, Transport for London (TfL) has announced.

All two-door buses will move to middle-door entry on Monday (20 April) – with the front of the vehicle roped off to protect drivers from contact with passengers.

Those travelling will not have to tap in with their Oyster or bank card, TfL has said.


Don’t forget to freeze your gym membership and any other subscriptions. Contact your Sky if you have Sky sports and they will reduce your subscriptions.


If you know someone who is struggling for food, many councils are offering free food parcels to the elderly and the vulnerable.


These are just a few tips that you may already know about – please feel free to share any other tips that may help someone here in the UK

I am grateful to the original unknown writer of the initial post which prompted me to share this with you.

How Thoughts Become Things

I’m excited to announce the launch of the movie How Thoughts Become Things!! This is really great especially of like me you are a fan of #TheSecret and #LawOfAttraction.

“Thoughts Become Things reveals the truth behind how our thoughts may manifest in reality.”— Douglas Vermeeren

Right now there are a lot of  people who are  feeling isolated, anxious, confused, and uncertain  due to  the COVID-19 pandemic which has also given people lots of time to wrestle with their thoughts.

We have some people who hang on to hope and try to stay positive, whilst others on the other hand have become obsessed with the news, feel down, depressed and fearful.

.This film covers what is  happening and how what we focus on can becomes our reality.

Check this out – How Thoughts Become Things

Check out the article about this movie which has been deemed as “The personal development/law of attraction film How Thoughts Become Things recognized as the most influential personal development film since The Secret.

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Time to do a happy dance

Not even a last kiss #StayHomeSaveLives

I have written this because of the pain I felt reading of an elderly lady who lost her husband and I could just imagine the pain she must have felt.

She was all dressed up and sat down looking out of the window with tears in her eyes.

The road seemed so quiet with no one in sight.

She took a deep breath in and released a big cry “Oh God why did this have to happen”

Tears streaming down her face, if only she could have the last kiss

She looked outside again and she saw  two black magnificent horses driven by a man dressed all in black.

They stopped in front of her window and reality hit her – her beloved husband of 40 years was in the coffin draped in red with a single rose on top of it.

She blew out a kiss, she whispered “I love you, goodbye my love, till we meet again.” She watched and kept blowing kisses as the horses move on,

She sat down thinking that this is not how it should happen, her husband Jack had so many friends and family, yet only their two children where allowed to go to the service at the crematorium because of the coronavirus.

My thoughts and prayers go out to you if you are grieving at this moment  and finding  it hard to cope as you cannot even go and  say the final goodbye to your loved one.    I pray that you have the strength to take each day as it comes and my the wonderful memories and moments you shared comfort you.

Confidence through Covid19 and beyond #FeelingConfident

Confidence Building Course with Genny Jones Aka Confident Queen



Thanks for taking the first step to being more confident by reading this blog.

With this course you will get going only if you put into action all that you learn during the course. Reading alone will be of no good. Your confidence will shoot high only if you are a doer and not just a reader. Now is the time for us to work on developing our confidence level so that we can cope with our current situation and after.

The course is free as my special gift to you.

Supporting you

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