England Laughing Championships 2023

Taking part in last year’s UK Championships was such a fun experience that this year, I decided o run the England Championships with the support of members of fellow laughers form around the world.

The championships is an opportunity to share your most contagious laugh and if you should win, you can represent UK in the world Laughing Championships.

Books your fee ticket here https://www.eventbrite.com/e/england-laughing-championship-2023-tickets-635449916807

To find out more about the World Laughing Competition check this link https://www.worldlaughingchampionship.com/


  Laughing Championships are contests of contagious laughter where competitors go head to head and the most contagious laugher wins. The goal of the championships is simple.  To create more contagious laughter in the world and to elevate the pursuit of joy and happiness. 

Laughter connects people, improves health and promotes happiness. Laughter competitions are hilarious affairs where laughing together is the main goal despite the competition. However, the sporting nature of the craft elevates the laughter. Because the most contagious laughter wins, competitors must channel joy, levity and a spirit of release to win. 

Laughter is a human universal, so it makes sense to bring together the world to laugh together. 

Although competitors must laugh on the spot there are many techniques to arrive at authentic laughter, including Laughter Yoga, Laughercize and others.


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