International moment of Laughter Day

As a happiness spreader, I do love this special days created by others who also have a passion of making people feel good and have a reason to smile and laugh despite the challenges or setbacks they may be going though.

International Moment of Laughter Day. is unofficial holiday, created by humorologist Izzy Gesell in 1997. The day  encourage us  to forget the stresses of daily life and give into the healing and relaxing power of laughter.

Medical studies have shown that laughing reduces stress, increases blood flow, and lowers blood sugar levels. Some studies have found that people who laugh just before going to bed are much more likely to sleep better than those who did not.

Fun fact

Did You Know… …that human laughter has a specific acoustic structure? Laughter can have a ha-ha-ha or ho-ho-ho structure, but it is humanly impossible to have a ha-ho-ha-ho structure to laughter.

3 Fun things you can try


Make somebody’s day, by giving them a reason to smile,


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