Do not let fear stop you.

Yesterday I had my first swimming lesson. It is such a great achievement for me as when I was younger a friend of mine drowned in swimming pool and I developed a phobia of swimming in a pool. My children are both great swimmers, and when they were younger I loved to watch them swim, and I would always stay at the shallow end on the odd occasions when I ventured into the pool.

My main motivation of learning to swim was because I wanted t learn to row and you had to know how to swim.

I spent days before the class preparing my mind to do this. I kept visualising myself swimming safely in a safe environment with life guards and others to help. I wrote down some affirmations which i read out daily and as I read them, I started to believe them.

On the day of the class, I informed the instructor about my fears, and she was very good, caring and supportive. We started the class with water confidence and this helped me to feel safe.

It was good to know everyone in our group was a beginner. The lesson went much better than I expected and we had such great moments of laughter too. I am really looking forward to progressing every week,


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