National Get Over It Day

History of National Get Over It Day
This day was created out of the need that most people have to let go of hurt and pain, especially as it relates to a breakup of a romantic relationship. Jeff Goldblatt is the one who created this holiday, and it was inspired by a time when he was struggling to get over the hurt from an ex-girlfriend. He knew that he just needed to get over her, but it was super difficult.

With the motivation to help himself, and others he knew who were facing similar struggles, the day began and then took off. Strategically spaced between a holiday devoted to love (St. Valentine’s Day), and one all about fun and joking around (April Fool’s Day), this is the perfect time to try to find inner healing and move forward with all of the promising things that the future has to offer.

Most of us at some point can be guilty of holding on to many different things from the past that tend to hurt, annoy, confuse or anger us.

It can be difficult to get rid of negative feelings and, over time, the feelings may grow and turn into a problem as they create bitterness. That’s why it’s time to make life a little lighter and participate in a slightly newer holiday – National Get Over It Day! This is a day for doing exactly what it says: getting over what is holding us back.

Some way to get over it and find freedom from the past:

  1. Process Through the Struggles – One method many people have found helpful in trying to “get over it” is to write down all the things that are irritating, annoying or keeping them awake into the wee hours of the morning. When the list is finished, take some time to contemplate and examine each item on the list and ask if there might be creative ways to change it. Then, try to implement these changes into life by creating new habits and looking for new things to focus on. If these things absolutely cannot be changed, it’s time to let them go! Some people find it helpful to make a pledge to themselves to not spend any more energy and time on it. To help even more with the idea of letting items on the list go, the paper can be ripped up and thrown away (or even burned!) to represent the intent to move forward.
  2. Create a ‘Get Over It’ Playlist and sing and dance to the songs to uplift you
  3. Re-establish Other Relationships and set good boundaries
  4. Enjoy a “Me” Day – you are special so treat yourself with care
  5. Have a Clear Out of things you may have around that remind you of he hurt

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