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African Dance 4 Fitness Experience with me Genny Aka Confident Queen Kukuwa® Fitness Instructor
Come and experience the music and dance moves from various parts of Africa without your passport and get your happy juices flowing.

Some benefits of dancing

When we dance our brain releases endorphins, hormones which can trigger neurotransmitters that create a feeling of comfort, relaxation, fun and power. … Dancing is also a social activity that allows us connect with the others, share experiences and meet new people, which has a very positive effect on our Mental health and wellbeing.

About my African Dance 4 Fitness Experience sessions

My sessions are fun, combining laughter yoga and dancing to the beat of music from various parts of Africa. The sessions are suitable for all ages and abilities. It is also a great way of increasing the vibes at any event you are organising and can also be a fun activity at your team building events, as each team will learn a short routine which they can perform at the end of the session.

Benefits of attending my African Dance 4 Fitness session

  1. Its fun
  2. Freedom to express yourself
  3. Safe environment
  4. Connect with others and make new friends
  5. Boost your mood with a generous surge of endorphins.
  6. Improve both your muscular and cardiovascular health
  7. Improved Coordination and Motor Skills. .

Kukuwa® Dance Workout (KDW®)

I trained and gained my qualifications with Kukuwa® Dance Workout (KDW®) which is a unique style of fitness that is derived from cultural dance movements, from across the continent of Africa.

Kukuwa® Dance Workout classes are suitable to all ages and levels of fitness. The same classes are suitable for beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels of fitness. All the dance routines are such that one can choose to either walk through the whole dance class or keep up with the normal pace of the class. All dance movements are low impact, and both seniors and children can participate. Pregnant women can also take Kukuwa® Dance Workout from the start of their pregnancy to full term, depending, of course, on the approval from their doctors.

Kukuwa® Dance Workout should be done 3 times or more weekly in order to – increase flexibility, strength, coordination, build stamina, balance, burn off fat & calories and maintain fitness.

Benefits of Kukuwa® Dance Workout

• Improvement of cardiovascular endurance and respiratory systems

• Improvement of the efficiency of body performance

• Improvement in muscle flexibility and cardiac efficiency

• Increase in stroke volume – blood that is pumped with each heartbeat

• Lowered heart rate

• Improvement in muscular endurance and muscular strength

• Improvement in breathing capacity

• Increased capacity of respiratory ventilation

• Improved capacity for dissipating metabolically produced heat

The Long-Term Benefits of Kukuwa® Dance Workout

• Increase in lean body mass and muscle mass

• Decrease in body fat

• Positive, visible changes in body composition

About our Classes::

Open all fitness and dance levels.

What to wear

Comfortable clothing in which you can easily move

Bare foot, Jazz shoes, jazz sneakers, indoor sneakers, or thin socks.

Other things you need:-

Water and Small towel  

Complete the form below to enquire how we can run sessions customised to suit your needs.

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