Bitter Sweet Christmas

This morning I woke up feeling a bit sad as I recalled on Christmas eve being stuck in traffic as I was driving behind a horse driving hearse and it was the funeral of a young boy. As I drove slowly, I found the tears flowing down my cheeks as I thought about this young child gone too soon. I thought about his parents and family the pain they must have been going through. I could not just imagine it especially at this time of the year.

Later on that day I went home to hear the devastating news of the death of a very close family friend whose whole family was such a blessing to me and my children when I was going through some hard times, this again made me cry and felt sad as this man was such a tower of strength for his family. On Christmas day woke up to the news of the death of one of my aunty’s aged 93. I felt happy in a good way that she has lived a very good live and at 93, painful as it is to loose her, she had lived her life to the fill. All these deaths got me thinking about life, and the fact that we should live each day to the full, and show love and support to one another, and create memorable moments.

Our own family Christmas was very low key as it was also the first year without my stap dad who passed this year and my mum bless her tried to be happy but at various moments I could hear her cries and see the tears in her eyes. It’s was not easy, but I am glad the day has gone and we made the most of the day the best we could.

The good bits of Christmas is the fact that one of my son’s cooked us all Christmas dinner and just being around my son and mum made me appreciate the gift of family. It was also good to scroll down my social media and see photos of friends and family enjoying themselves.


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