Stay committed to being fitter & healthier

If you really want to make a change you can, but your first have to believe you can, develop the “I can” mindset, start seeing yourself as what you want to be, and take consistent actions to achieve whatever you set your mind on. Making a commitment to be fitter and healthier is one of the best thing you can do, as the saying goes “Health is wealth”. I don’t believe in going on and off diets, or starting and exercise routine and not sticking to it. What I believe is that we should make being fitter and healthier a life style choice and do things everyday to help us achieve it as the more you do something in a consistent manner it becomes a habit.

I decided to pay more attention to my health when I got a letter from my doctor that I was on the border line diabetic and had to attend the pre diabetic programme, and this shook me up as I know of friends and families who are diabetic and what they have to go throuh. Also turning 60 this year, and loosing my step dad, has really got me thinking about life in general. All this helped me to make the decision to continue my journey of being fitter, healthier and happier taking care of my body, mind and spirit.

I can’t tell you it will be easy, but I can tell you I sure will be worth it. Even on the days when I don’t feel like going to exercise, I give myself a pep talk and remind myself why I made the commitment to be fitter, healthier and happier.

Since 11th May, I have been consistent in exercising at least for 30 minutes 5 days a week full body workout in the gym, walking, dancing and connecting with nature.

I am also drinking more water and eating healthier cooked meal. I also practise meditation and visualisation by creating a programme called Escape to happiness island using my imagination to enjoy inner peace and happiness.

I feel vey good about life right now. So I want to encourage you. “Don’t throw in the towel, use it to wipe the sweat off your face and turn that can’t into CAN”


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