Advise to parents when your child first goes to University

Once your child moves out to uni their is that feeling of redundancy and that your job as a parent has finished Their is also that sense of satisfaction that you have done your best and equip them with life skills that will help them in this next phase of their life. You should also see it as a time for you to focus on you and planning how you can do things that will help you to enjoy this new freedom.

These are some of the things you will have to deal with
Excitement – as you prepare your child to go
• When you drop your child off at uni – Tears of Joy
• Going back home after you drop them
• Coping with the Empty nest syndrome
• First visit of your child has settled

1.Excitement – as you prepare your child to go

  • Be positive! And confident they will be ok
  • Create a list of essentials in advance. …
  • Pack a survival kit. Including first aid kit..
  • Make sure you go through again how to manage their finances
  • Make them aware of the advise, support and facilities in their un.
  • Make sure they know the basics – laundry, cooking basic things, using gas/electric cooker, changing the bulb.
  • Bulk cook and out in containers so that at least they are eating good food for the first couple of weeks

2. When you drop your child off at uni – Tears of Joy

  • Give your child the hug that says, I am here for you, just call me any time of the day
  • Last words to your child – remind them to focus, study hard, have some time for fun and socialise with others but

3.Going back home after you drop them
There is that feeling of emptiness as you look in their bedroom, you even lie on the bed crying tears of joy – remember that is ok

4.Coping with the Empty nest symdrome

  • Find a new interest. Having invested so much in your child or children you may find yourself with some free time on your hands. …
  • Get to know your partner again. Or if single find the new you …
  • Keep in touch with your child but don’t over do it .
  • Pat yourself on the back .for raising your child this far and equipping them with the tools they need to deal with in their journey through Uni and life after.
  • Keep in touch with you child but don’t overdo it. You have given them wings so let them fly.

5..First visit of your child has settled
• Don’t just turn up un announced plan it
• Pack your home cooked food that your child likes.
• Don’t prolonged your visit
• Don’t try and re arrange/tidy their room
• Ask about their general welfare
• Top up their provisions by asking what they need don’t assume and buy unnecessary things.

The above is based on my own experience when my son went to Uni.. He is now starting his 3rd year and is so independent and has learn so may life lessons. Please feel free to share your own experiences.


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