Laughter Yoga with Confident Queen Genny

Laughter Yoga is  a complete well-being workout, developed by a medical doctor from India Dr. Madan Kataria and it has spread across many countries.  It is a  combination of deep breathing exercises from yoga and laughter exercises, which oxygenates our body and brain, makes us feel more healthy and energetic.

Why I trained to be a laughter yoga leader

I am certified laughter yoga leader and member of the UK laughter Association.

There was a time in my life when I suffered from burnout as I juggled working as an Accountant and raising my two children on my own. I felt I was running my life on automatic pilot and for 5 years I just found it hard to relax and have fun. Things changed for me when I decided to get help and this started my journey into finding simple things I could do to feel good.

I read an article about laughter yoga, went to a few sessions and I then decided to train as a laughter yoga leader with United Minds so that I can help as many people as I can to enjoy the benefits of laughter yoga through my workshops in a fun, interactive and informative manner.

I have been on shows like BBC Genius, ITV Britain’s Got Talent, Who’s doing the dishes and Good Morning Britain demonstrating my laughing skills and getting the nation laughing. I was also listed on the Independent on Sunday Happy List 100 and nominated for Pride of Britain Awards 2013 for making others happy.

Over the years I have run laughter yoga sessions for organisations such as r AGE UK Lambeth, Megan CIC, Gravesend Laughter Club, Happiness Project Kent as well as various educational establishments and conferences.

During a laughter yoga session we laugh  for no reason without relying on humour, jokes or comedy. We also  initiate laughter as a body exercise in a group and with eye contact and childlike playfulness. It soon turns into real and contagious laughter.


What you need to join in:

  1. You don’t need any equipment for this session,
  2. Come with an open mind ready to have a good laugh
  3. Find a comfortable place to sit or stand

What is involved during the session:-

  1. Clapping and Chanting
  2. Breathing Exercises
  3. Childlike Playfulness
  4. Laughter Exercises

“No matter what life throws at you give yourself permission to have 1 minute daily dose of laugher.”

Check out this review about one of y sessions.

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