Women Ageing Happier And Confident (1)

As I approach another birthday, I have been in deep thoughts and reflecting over my life. I have had my share of ups and downs as it is all part of life. I was inspired ti start this series of blogs for June, by my mum aged 83. She is such a good role model and a tower of strength. I These days I really appreciate the moments we spend and the wisdom about life that she passes on to my children and I.

Right now in my life, my children are now young men, and I do feel it’s time to find me, and to start putting myself first doing things that make me feel good. I am at my happiest and I feel more confident about my future life.

In the next 30 days I aim to be here, sharing some o my life experiences and given you tips which I hope will help you too be be Happier and Confident as you make the most of everyday life.

If you identify yourself as a #WAHAC (Women Ageing Happier and Confident _ and would like to contribute to my blog or share links do message me,


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