Laugh out Loud for #WorldLaughterDay

World Laughter Day is celebrated on first Sunday of May every year to spread happiness in the whole world. This year, it will be celebrated on Sunday 2nd May. It is a day to raise awareness about laughter and its many healing benefits especially at this time of the COVID 19 pandemic which is raging across places like India and people are in desperate need of some hope and happiness. In these dark and challenging times like these, laughter or humour can be uplifting and bring hope to the people. “ #WorldlaughteDay2021

World Laughter Day is important because it reminds people to stop worrying about small insignificant things and learn to laugh off their problems, facing them head-on. Let’s take a look at how laughter improves our physical and mental health. “

I encourage you to take even a minute to laugh just for the fun of it – Laughter is the best medicine and is good for the soul.

Check out my Escape 2 Happiness Island sessions to feel good and relieve stress.

Escape to Happiness Island is a practitioner-led wellbeing session lasting anything between 15 minutes and an hour, which is transforming the lives and outlooks of people.

The pure joy of these sessions is that they adapt to needs of the participants – each session is tailored live to the audience.

People leave these sessions ready to take on the world, filled with a new-found sense of lightness, a glow of happiness inside them that stays with them in their personal time and in their working life.

To sustain the positivity and benefits of the sessions, Genny Jones, discoverer and caretaker of Happiness Island, has developed a simple booklet, which every participant can take home and use as a passport back to the island!

To find out more about how Genny Jones can put smiles back on the faces of your staff, volunteers, tenants or colleagues, just give her a call and start packing for Happiness Island today!


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