How to plan to be #Fitter #Healthier and #Happier

I decided to share my simple plan with you, if like me you just want to be more consistent in your journey to becoming fitter, healthier and happier. I have created my plan with activities that work best for me and you too must do the same. I invite you to also join my free facebook group with my daily encouragement and you will connect with other like minded people.

Main goal –   lose 281bs by 30th April 2021

Smalls steps – To lose 7 lbs each month till 30th April 2021

1. Exercising by dancing at home 3 times a week using videos and my favourite songs

2. Go out for a walk 50 minutes twice a week

3. Cooking and eat healthier meals each day

4. Drinking 1 litter of water in the morning, afternoon, and evening

5. Visualise myself being slimer, fitter, healthier & Happier

6. Affirming that I am enjoying my daily exercise and healthy eating which is making me energised, fitter and healthier.

7. Celebrating with a happy dance and saying woohoo as I achieve my goals each week.

8. Sign up with Gingerbread FitnFifty  healthy challenge starting in February.

My daily Affirmations

· I enjoy walking  for 50 minutes twice a week as I discover new places, meet interesting people & connect with nature,

· I enjoy eating healthy foods and do have the occasional treats which makes me feel good as I see the results

· I enjoy drinking  1 litre of water each day as it refreshes me and fills me with so much energy



Everyday, I imagine my self being fitter and healthier as if I am in a movie where I am at my fittest, healthiest and happiest. I feel it, I see it, I smell it, I taste it and I enjoy the experience.

My weekly planner and reward chart – I hope you can use this to create yours also.

Remember, I am here to support and encourage you on your journey to become Fitter, Healthier and Happier.


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