Tips on coping with the feeling of hopelessness

Right now you maybe feeling hopeless about the future. Pause and focus on this very moment. Focus on this very minute and take things moment by moment. You don’t have all the answers, You have no control over certain situations, so be gentle and kind with yourself as your wellbeing matter.

Hopelessness is a feeling, not an ultimate reality, and feelings are fleeting, Hopelessness isn’t a sign that you need to give up, it’s a sign that you need to pivot or redirect and you have it within you to do just that.

Focus on what gives you meaning and purpose by answering these questions:-

  1. How can I connect with my partner, friends, family, neighbours and colleagues?

2. What creativity-fostering hobby or interest can I pursue?

3. How can I help others who are going through challenges?

4. What fulfills me spiritually? Is it praying, meditating or spending time in nature or doing something else?

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