Schedule time to deal with your worries

We all at some point will have things that we worry about.

No matter how hard you try, you cannot stop challenges, obstacles and setback from happening because it’s all part of life. What is important is how you choose to respond to things. Some days you will be fine, some days it will be tough, but keep hope alive and know this too will pass away.

One of the ways to cope with worry is to actually schedule some time to focus on your worries so that you can get a new perspective, plan things you will do and free your mind and worry less.

How to use your worry time

1.Get yourself a worry solution book and pen

2.Select a specific time and place.

3. Open your book and as you think deeply, write down all you are worried about, how its making you feel, the impact it’s having  on all areas of your life and what will happen if you continue to worry

4.Think about things you could do to help you resolve each area of your worry and remember if the worry is something you have no control over perhaps you just need to let it go.

5.Make a plan of things you can do to help you get through this.

6 . Now take a deep breath, go on and enjoy the rest of you day, knowing that there is a way out and you will get through this.

Other things you can do.

  1. Share your worries with a good friend or family member you trust, or contact people like the Samaritans.

2. Connect with organisations that can help and support you.

3. Research on google how other people have dealt with similar worries


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