Tips to help you unleash your inner child

Unleashing  your inner child out isn’t about being like a child. It’s about having that natural joy for something others may think is childish, or  taking on  life with an amazing curiosity. It can also mean doing things that might not entirely fit your age, but it makes you happy, so who cares?

Every time you feel uptight, remind yourself to loosen up, have a little fun and release your inner child – no matter how old you are. My favourite saying these days is “Act your shoe size not your age”

Some tips to help you unleash your inner child

  1. Be silly. Look for funny things in your day—they’re always there—and let yourself laugh about them.

2. Use your imagination and Escape to Happiness Island and enjoy doing fun things – dance like no body’s watching and just imagine yourself having the time of your life

3. Recall some childhood memories with someone, and them share that memory with that person

4. Give someone the benefit of the doubt, as if you don’t know yet to be cynical..

5. Cry if you need to if the day gets challenging.  Don’t try to be a hero. When you let yourself feel it, you’re better able to let it go.

6. Dress up in bright funny outfits, out on your favourite and dance yourself happy, I love this happy glasses and they are part of my outfit as my superhero character I created – Happiness Spreader on a mission to help turn people’s frowns into smiles.


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