Take it easy, try not to be too stressed about life.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you are ok. Take it easy, try not to be too stressed about what is going on right now.


Take time to pause and reflect on things. Find ways to adapt and adjust to life as it is. At the initial start of COVID19, I spent a few days in tears and feeling stressed as most of my work had been cancelled and I was so stressed not knowing how i was going to cope with less finance.

One day I decided to take time to reflect on things and started to look at things differently. I started to write down all the options I had, and as i did this for a few days, ideas started coming my way. A friend I had not seen for over 12 years, called me one day and offered me some consultancy work in her company for two days a month. I was so excited and grateful at the opportunity that I said yes there and then. This then opened the way to other opportunities. I also used the other days to develop a business idea I had as well as volunteering some hours to deliver lunches to those in our community who need help and support.

Remember  that If you really want to change your life for the better,  you have to  consciously believe that life does have its ups and downs and you have to ride the waves sometimes to get back to the beach.

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