Be hopeful -this season of uncertainty will pass away

Slow down and enjoy each season as you travel through life. You only get one chance on earth, make it worthwhile.

I woke up this morning, reflecting on life and this song game to my mind, and i had to play it a couple of time and soak in the words

So as you read this, I encourage you not to be too discouraged. This season of uncertainty, will pass, keep taking one day at a time. Their will be moments when you feel fed up of being fed up, and that’s ok because it is all part of life.

  • keep feeding your mind with positive.
  • Truly believe with all your heart that you that their is a way out.
  • Everyday visualise yourself in a better place, getting better, and stronger
  • Spend some time doing more of what makes you happy
  • Reach out and help someone who may be going through a similar situation

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