Tips to plan to have a good week #SundayVibes

Every sunday, I love spending time reviewing the previous week and then planning the week ahead. I feel this is so important especially if you have goals you want to achieve. Planning the week also means reviewing your priorities in life so you can plan accordingly and avoid distractions and busy doing nothing which is moving you closer to your goals.

As someone who used to say yes to activities without thinking and then suffering burnout, nowadays I am very mindful of things I take on.

I hope you too can take a few minutes to review last week and plan the actions you are going to be taking this coming week. Remember to avoid distractions and protect you time by setting boundaries.

1. What did not go so well last week?

2. What lessons if any can you learn from that?

3. What went well last week?

4. What lessons if any can you learn from that?

5. What challenges did you face?

6. How did you cope with the challenges?

7. What are your current priorities in life?

8. What are you going to do this week to align yourself with your current priorities?

9. What are you believing about the things you are going to be doing this week?

10. What are you saying about the things you are going to do this week?

11. Now write down your plan for the week and visualise yourself having a good week.

My main priorities at the moment include: –

  1. Maintain Healthy Weight
  2. Spend quality time with family and friends
  3. Me time  – when I can do engage in my own personal development
  4. Complete clients work on schedule
  5. Make a difference in the community

 By setting out my priorities for the week, I can then make sure I schedule time in my diary for these. I must say doing this has helped me gain clarity and focus.

Most weeks people contact  me an invite to me various events, but instead of saying yes their and then, I   now take time to see how their activities fit into my  priorities before I make a decision.

Hope this has been useful. You can get more tips by joining my sunday vibes sessions 6.30pm to 7pm on my facebook page – confidentqueen.


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