How to celebrate National lazy day

Today is #NationalLazyDay An opportunity to relax on the sofa & spend the day doing nothing, and the good thing is that you do not even need to feel guilty about doing it! . We all deserve days like this from time-to-time, right? #mondaythoughts

Some things you could do.

  • Take the opportunity to sleep in
  • Dress comfortably and relaxing manner and just lounge around.
  • Set yourself up in front of the TV for the day
  • Escape to Happiness Island using your imagination – imagine being in the island where you are experiencing the amazing happy life you deserve. Just enjoy the experience to the max..
  • Read some inspiration books, articles, podcasts
  • Listen to some relaxing and calming music
  • Try and get some peace and quiet   all gadgets off
  • Treat yourself to a takeout or just have your leftover food,

Hope you enjoy this day, and remember if you are not able to have today as your lazy day, you should make it a plan to have a lazy do nothing day at least once a month. See it as something positive for your wellbeing.

Do let me know how you get on. If you need help to live a happy and contented life do email me for an initial dicussion.

My Happiness Coach Confident Queen –


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