Great to be illustrated for a good cause

Jen “So honoured to introduce you to @confidentqueengenny!! Genny is a confidence builder and happiness coach on a mission to make you feel good and have a reason to smile each day. I had a fantastic chat with Genny, about what she does and what she has been up to in lockdown: spreading happiness and joy whilst helping deliver food supplies and gifts. She was so full of life and laughter and made me feel so happy in just the short time I was chatting to her.”

These are Genny’s words describing what it is she does: ” In accounting there is the concept of the duality of transactions, which Genny applies in life. On one hand she has the serious professional head of an accountant, and on the other hand she has created a bubbly persona ‘Confident Queen’ with a mission to share joy and happiness, which she was able to do when she appeared on Britain’s Got Talent and wowed the audience and judges who gave her “Yeses

Genny was nominated to be a part of my project by the lovely Bobbie of @little_eco_lady , Bobbie nominated Genny after going to the Happiness Awards with her. She showed Bobbie that we really can make a difference by being ourselves and following our passion, a statement that the Happiness Awards really embodied. She is known and loved in her local area, an absolutely inspirational loday.

Thanks so much Genny, I feel like my life is a little happier knowing you are in it! And thanks so much Bobbie for the nomination for me do this illustration of Genny as part of my @lonelyangus#100daysoflockdownlife 🌈 this project is raising money for Reach Charity. ⬇️⭐️⬇️⭐️⬇️⭐️⬇️⭐️⬇️

Jennifer Jamieson illustration


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