Coping when the situation seems hopeless…..

Right now you may  feel like things will only get worse, but that is the pessimist in us talking. If we keep the faith and respond to the situation with positive and constructive actions, we can break out of the cycle as we focus on the fact that things will get better.

If you are feeling hopeless right now, please be encouraged and remember theses few points:-

1.      Life  always changes, and sometimes things get worse before they get better

2.      You have  overcame  challenging situation you faced in the past and you have it in your to overcome what you are going through right now.

3.      Look around you and appreciate the little things in life

4.      Things are not always as bad as they seem when we step back and get a new perspective of the situation,.

5.      Realize you are not alone, lots of people are experiencing challenges too

6.      Speak to someone about your feelings as a problem shared is a problem halved.

7.      Think only in terms of today and do something to make you feel good…

8.      Speak to yourself like you would speak to a friend. and take your own advise

9.      See the gift in this situation – what can you learn from what you are going through?

10.   Keep Smiling and Keep Hope Alive


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