Get your mojo back and enjoy everyday life.

When we loose our  mojo (Spark for life) it can be a matter of a few days for some and for others, it can be months or years for them to to regain their mojo. The reason why it  may take so long for many people  to get their mojo back is because they don’t even know how to or even where to start. Perhaps you are in that position right now.

7 ideas that will help you to get your mojo back ( I explain these in more details further down this blog)

1.      Be Active and get moving – this will give you energy

2.      Keep thinking positive thoughts and maintain a positive attitude

3.      Connect with people who have mojo so that it can rub off on you too

4.      Clarify your  priorities and set boundaries

5.      Determine to have fun and a reason to smile each day

6.      Use the Smile formaula for every day life

7.      Keep Hope Alive

Be prepared to change your life for the better

To get your mojo back, you have to be prepared to change the way you think and the way you do things. This all takes energy and motivation and you don’t have much of either when your spark in life has gone out.

I know this because I have had a couple of days when I just felt overwhelmed and could not be bothered to do anything. I had no energy, no self-belief, and no self-confidence, I lost my spark for life especially just after my divorce.

As time went on, I got fed up of feeling that way. I remember when my mum said to me on one of those not so good days “I want my happy daughter back”.  I started on my journey to a happier life by starting to recall some of my happy moments looking at old photographs and videos and doing things to help me get my mojo back.

I hope some of these tips below will help you too..

1.  Be Active – This Creates Energy

The key to sustaining motivation with any type of physical activity is to focus on doing an activity that you enjoy.  Once you identify that activity you enjoy, write down and memorise the 5 benefits/feelings you get when you do the activity or exercise.


Write down what you are going to do and the 5 benefits you will get from doing the activity.

Before you start the activity look forward to it– (here is my example using dancing)

“I am going to dance and I will feel energised, happy, healthier, stronger and more focused.”

When you finish the activity, say this out  loud-again using my own example of dancing.

“ I have completed  dancing and I feel so energised .” I look forward to my next dancing  session this Friday at 10am

2. Positive thinking – This creates a positive attitude

Every time you have to  choose between doing or thinking something that would help you  get your  mojo back or something that would stop you from getting your  mojo back ask yourself this question

Tip:“Is this decision/choice/action/thought/attitude going to get me closer to my goal of getting my mojo back or further away?”

3. Connected those who have mojo as this will help to create hope and optimism

Challenge yourself each week to  connect  to someone new who has the mojo qualities such as energy, enthusiasm, positivity, and motivation and  a joyful attitude about life.  You  will find that the  more you connect  with people who embraced their mojo, the more energised, optimistic and hopeful you will feel about your life and the world of opportunities that life will unfold.

4. Clarify your  Life Priorities – as this will give you a sense of purpose and a reason to wake up each day excited to be alive and ready to seize the day.

Tip: Writing down what is important to you in your life helps you get clarity about how you want to live your life.

For example, if  one of your  life priorities is FAMILY and the feeling  you want to experience is LOVE, write this on your list.

Look at the list every day and, visualise in full what it means to experience love in your family and over time, you will get to realise that the more you  focus on what is  important in your  life, the easier it will be for  you  to commit to getting your  mojo –(which is  about getting your spark back into your  life)

5. Determine to have fun  – as this Creates Feelings of Joy and Happiness

When you have lost your mojo, it is so easy to spend days in the doldrums feeling miserable for yourself. Doing any kind of activity, even if you like doing it, is often too hard. All elements of laughter and fun soon disappear from your life.

But the good news is that you will get to a  point when you are so fed up of being miserable that you will come to realise and accept that that only you can   decide to change your life  for the better .

Tip: Challenge yourself for the next 30 days to do things that will bring you inner joy, peace and happiness and as you do these every day you will start getting your mojo back into your life.

6. Use my SMILE plan

7. Keep Hope Alive

Final words

Getting your mojo back is critical for your quality of life. Your physical health and emotional well-being are under threat if you don’t start to take action to get your mojo back into your life. I hope some of these tips I have shared with you, will help you to get your mojo back.

If you need further help just email me


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