Not even a last kiss #StayHomeSaveLives

I have written this because of the pain I felt reading of an elderly lady who lost her husband and I could just imagine the pain she must have felt.

She was all dressed up and sat down looking out of the window with tears in her eyes.

The road seemed so quiet with no one in sight.

She took a deep breath in and released a big cry “Oh God why did this have to happen”

Tears streaming down her face, if only she could have the last kiss

She looked outside again and she saw  two black magnificent horses driven by a man dressed all in black.

They stopped in front of her window and reality hit her – her beloved husband of 40 years was in the coffin draped in red with a single rose on top of it.

She blew out a kiss, she whispered “I love you, goodbye my love, till we meet again.” She watched and kept blowing kisses as the horses move on,

She sat down thinking that this is not how it should happen, her husband Jack had so many friends and family, yet only their two children where allowed to go to the service at the crematorium because of the coronavirus.

My thoughts and prayers go out to you if you are grieving at this moment  and finding  it hard to cope as you cannot even go and  say the final goodbye to your loved one.    I pray that you have the strength to take each day as it comes and my the wonderful memories and moments you shared comfort you.


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