Plan to have a good day #StayHomeSaveLives

With all the current uncertainties in life, it is very easy to just drift through life on a day to day basis without a sense of purpose. I have found the best thing to do is to plan your day and make the most of today for no one knows what tomorrow holds. Here are some of my tips using the word SMILE

Structure  your day which will help to give you a sense of purpose

Motivate yourself to get going even though at times you have to try harder. The other day I woke up and I was feeling so low as I had listened to the news and was just heart broken my all the deaths and just sadness around the world. After crying for a while, I had to talk myself to getting up from my bed by recalling all the things I was grateful for in life. I then put on some uplifting music which then put me in a positive mood.

Inspire and encourage someone who may be going through some challenging times, especially if you have gone through similar situation. Let your story inspire, strengthen and give them hope.


Look for the good and positive things people are doing despite some of the issues they may be facing. Even though we are constantly bombarded with bad news, their are so many good things going on which we never hear of in the media. So be positive and search for good news.

Engage and connect with others so you are not isolated and can share experiences, tips with others.

I have started doing online exercise, I join in various online events, comment on people’s post. I also have a list of people to call each day to check they are ok.


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