Improve your wellbeing with the #Laughie

The Laughie – A new smartphone concept which has been shown to significantly improve people’s overall wellbeing through encouraging them to laugh.

“Laughing with the Laughie is a quick and easy exercise to add to your daily routine.” (Freda)


What is a Laughie?

The Laughie works in a similar way to a Selfie, but instead of taking a photo of yourself, you record record your own joyful laughter for one minute,

Research and Development of The Laughie

The study was conceived and conducted by Freda Gonot Schoupinsky, an online MSc Health Psychology student at the University of Derby, and supervised by Dr Gulcan Garip, to investigate the impact of laughter on wellbeing, and to answer calls from the medical community for a practical laughter prescription.

Read more about this research

Conclusions of the research

“Laughter is a universal sign of joy. Laughter is contagious and this study is the first to show that it can also be self-contagious. This enables us to use our own laughter to benefit our health and wellbeing. Laughing with the Laughie is a quick and easy exercise to add to your daily routine. (Freda)

How to create your #Laughie

How to use your #Laughie

Laugh with your Laughie whenever you can and watch as your happiness, well-being and positive outlook to life increases.


How to make your own Laughie


Do let me know how you get on with creating your own Laughie.


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