Doing stand up comedy

I was quite excited when I saw the advert for a stand up comedy workshop as I have always wanted to develop my experience in this area.

My interest started when I applied to take part in the funny women awards which is run by the lovely Lynn Parker. I took part in a competition in 2014 with no experience and it was fun as I got to meet so many people including the amazing Hannah Banana.


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In July 2014 I had another opportunity to perform with the wonderful  Alex of the We Are Funny Project in the City of London. It was a bit  nerve wrecking as it was in a pub and I did not know the crowd. Alex was great after the performance and he gave me some good tips. The audience again was very encouraging and supportive it was good that they even laughed at my jokes.

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In July 2017 I attended a Comedy Workshop organised by Lynne Parker and Funny Women at the Powder and Magazine and it was again a very good experience and I learnt a lot and started to develop my ideas.

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September 2019 I attended another workshop which was fantastic and it lead to us performing on the final day. Our tutor was the fabulous Thomas Parry whose knowledge and experience was what we needed.  He was very patient and worked hard to support and encourage us to be confident with our delivery.



Before our  performance we did some fun stuff just to keep the nerves down.  


Some photos of my performance with tutor Thomas Parry – giving last minutes tips. I must say I have really enjoyed the experience and look forward to taking part in more shows to gain more experiences even though I must admit I was very nervous, worried if anyone was going to laugh.  The audience was very supportive and we all did our best.




I feel very excited and want to carry on improving my act by attending more training sessions and looking for opportunities to perform.




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