Gift of Confidence Box for children

The Gift of Confidence Box for children

As a parent or carer, we can encourage and support our child to be more confident and resilient so that they can be able to cope with everyday life. One of the tools I have developed to help is the Gift of Confidence Box

The idea of this Gift of Confidence  Box, is that children can put in various items which will help boost their self esteem and confidence. It is a box that they can build on and use it throughout their journey into adulthood. I also offer coaching ans support to help children with their self esteem and confidence.


Things you’ll need

  1. Empty box or paper to make your own box with blank A4 Cards or paper
  2. Glue
  3. Gift wrap paper
  4. Scissors
  5. Coloured stripes of paper
  6. Small hand held mirror
  7. Plain T-shirt
  8. Fabric Pens


How to make the  Gift of  Confidence Box

This is best done with the supervision of an adult

1. Decorate  box

Get your empty box and decorate it or you can use wrapping paper to cover your box or you can Make a box using plain paper or Cardboard

2. Confidence affirmations

Write down on strips of paper things that will help boost your confidence e.g

  • Everyday I feel confident
  • When I do my school work I feel confident
  • When I look in the mirror I feel confident

3.. Personalised Confident T-shirt

Use the fabric pens and write something as bold and colourful as you can that represents confidence and put in your box  Every time you wear the Tshirt imagine you have special confidence power and believe you can do whatever you wish if you put your mind to it.


4. Put your Small Mirror in the box

When you look in the mirror, pretend that you are confident,  act like a confident person  would.  Then say this our loud as many times as you can.

5. Other things you can put in your box

Put in your box any awards you get from school or  the clubs you go to

6.Dance and sing to my song  “I’m a confident Child”

Listen to my I’m a confident child thanks to Randolph Matthews for helping us with it.



How to use your Gift of Confidence Box

Now make sure you place your Gift of Confidence box where you can see it, so that you can use the items every time you want to feel more confident.

PlIt will be great if you could send me photos of your Gift of Confidence Box


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