Fun time recording my #BoomBoomSong

I have always wanted a beat to my fun #boomboom song, so I was very excited when i went to an event in our local market and met a guy called James who runs Poemland. After dicussing with him, he directed me to a young sound engineer Karly Addy.


I went to the studio to meet him, and the first thing he asked was what key I sing and what genere the song one. I smile and replied  “I really don’t understand what you mean, I am just someone who loves to sing and do it badly but in a fun way. ” He gave me that “Its ok I understand” look and this made me feel good.

We first of all worked on the beat I had in mind, I watched as he started to put the beat together. It was very technical but I enjoyed watching him trying things and ask me each time if the beat was ok.

Once we had the beat,he then asked me to sing the song – gosh I felt sorry for his ears as I started to sing. He was very patient and got me singing till I got to a bearable version which I was please with, but will continue to work on my voice and perhaps get a professional singer to sing the song for me.

Here is the first version of the song with me singing

I hope you dance to the beat of the song, and by the end of this month,my singing may have improved.

#BoomBoomSong  inspired by the funny  fox #BasilBrush


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