Our smile starters at Gravesend Laughter Club

Who Are Smile Starters?

This is an initiative by the Society of Happy people of which I am a member

Smile starters  are people who make you and the world a happier place — they make the world shine. Think about the people who are kind, make others laugh, or whose smile is contagious. Check this link for more information and perhaps you too can help by becoming a smile starter presenter https://sohp.com/happiness-happens-month-2019/


Our Smile Starters in Gravesend Kent UK

Today we had our regular monthly laughter club and as a  smile starter presenter, it gave me great pleasure to award the certificates to all these ladies and children who are also on a mission to help make the world a better place through sharing their smile to others.

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Check out more smile starters on Twitter by following these hash tags.

#SmileStarter #SmileStartersShine #HappinessHappens #HHM2019 #SmileStarterAward 



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