Relax when things don’t go as planned

If you have really tried everything possible to get a certain thing you want to achieve, and it just hasn’t worked out as planned, you need to stop trying so hard even though you may be feeling disappointed.

How to address being disappointed:-

  • Acknowledge that you are feeling disappointed and the reasons why you are feeling this way.
  • What can you learn from this disappointment?
  • How can you adapt and move forward from this disappointment?
  • Find out from your network of friends and family or from using Google how others have coped with a similar disappointment.
  • Have faith that this is all for your good
  • Avoid dwelling on things that you can’t change, and focus on what you can.
  • Challenge any unhelpful thoughts  For example, if you find yourself thinking, “I will always fail,” then you can challenge this untrue and unhelpful thought. Try telling yourself something like, “Things might not always go my way, but if I keep working towards my goals then I will achieve them.


Moving forward

Maybe the timing’s not right. Maybe it wasn’t in your best interests. Maybe while one door seems to be closing, another is opening.  It’s time for you to accept and adapt to whatever is happening now.

Life is not a straight and easy path. It is filled with twists and turns. Each day we are learning how to adapt to our daily lives and challenges.






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