Have a morning routine that will fuel your day with good vibes

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Your daily habits and routine will lead you to great success and your morning routine can change your life . It will  help you feel more productive, accomplished and set your day for greatness as you move nearer to achieving your goal.

Make it a point to claim the early hours of the day as your “me” time, filled with  various activities that will set the tone for a happy and  productive day.

What time do you wake up?

You have to decide the best time for you to wake up and set your alarm. For me, I wake up at 5am every morning and have done so for years.


How much time do you need for your morning routine?

This is entirely up to you. I initially started with  15 minutes and gradually increased the minutes and over the years, I spend a minimum of an hour  in my morning routine.

Start small, do your routine at the same time every morning and after a few days it will become an automatic routine.

Here is my morning routine, and I hope it will help you to create yours.

Remember I have been doing this for years. You need to create something based on the time you have. Why not start with 11 minutes each day for 2 weeks and then gradually increase the time you spend.

Wake up – 5am


Stretching in the morning improves circulation, increases your  energy level,. blood flow to your brain and sharpens your concentration in the morning.

2. I then use this Tony Robbins routine to fuel my day. It is about 10 minutes and involves, breathing,  visualisation and moving,why not try it and let me know how you get on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXbUFgqjMdk

3.Read something inspirational – I read a daily devotional called Word for today and then I read stories of people who have overcome some major tragedy in their lives so that I can learn how they coped.

4..Write my blog – I do love sharing with others through my blogging

5.Exercise – go out for a run/walk/gym for at least 30 minutes

6. Eat a healthy breakfast

7. Time  with my sons

8 Review my schedule for the day , visualise having a good day and being thankful of all the opportunities that the day holds for me backed with positive affirmations

Now I am ready to start my day fuelled with energy and positive vibes

Please let me know how you are getting on and do share your morning routine with me if you wish.



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