She cried on the eve of her 70th birthday

It was the eve before her 70th birthday, she should be happy as her family was planning a big party for her, instead she started to cry.

 70th birthday

She cried because her husband of 40 years died the previous year, and they had planned to go on a cruise for her 70th birthday

She cried because she had lost two of her children when they were only teenagers in a tragic car accident.

She cried as she felt so alone with no real friends, as her best friend was her husband and they had done everything together.

She cried as she listened to just her tears of sadness in a big house that used to be full of joy and happiness.

She cried as she realised that she had many years behind her than in front of her.

She cried as she walked to the bathroom, looked at the mirror and all she could see was an old lady who was once beautiful.

She looked in the mirror again and it was as if she could see  her husband on the other side smiling lovingly at her and saying – Darling you still look good, keep smiling and remember our happy moments. He then winked, she smiled back, and suddenly she felt a deep sense of joy, and she shed a happy tear.

Now she felt better and ready to enjoy her 70th with her family and friends.



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