Success lessons from my 17 year old son

I am very proud about the achievements of my son, and all those who have supported and encouraged him to do his best.

Thanks to Ethnic Royals for this interview –


How old are you? 17 years old

What year are you in school?: 

I am currently in year 13, studying for my last year of A levels.

What are your likes and dislikes?:

I enjoy sports, particularly football in which I support Manchester United.  I also enjoy reading, socialising and listening to music. My passion is studying successful people and picking their brains to extract beneficial information which I can apply to my life. I dislike horror movies and certain theme park rides. ( Nothing else I can think of)

How do you help at home? 

At home I enjoy cooking, cleaning and often help with the shopping. I do this on a regular basis, but Saturday mornings is when I dedicate the most time to this.

Any best friend/friends?  I have a group of friends who are all ambitious and we encourage each other to do well. I don’t have a favourite but a few I have been close with since I was 3 years old.

Tell us a little bit about yourself:

I am a young serial entrepreneur, specialising in the area of marketing and real estate. I founded ‘DJ Property Solutions’ which are professional property problem solvers, creating an ethical win-win situation. I regularly network and educate myself in different aspects of life.

What role do you think education has played in your chosen field?  

In regards to schooling, this has contributed to my numerical and language skills, principles such as creative writing and calculations have been significant towards my entrepreneurial field.

In regard to self education, this has contributed a lot more to my chosen field than schooling. For example: networking, reading and listening to podcasts has instilled in me strategic principles and techniques to become a successful entrepreneur.

When did you start your business?

I started my business in February 2019 with the help of my mentor Douglas Ponsford. I originally founded an ecommerce store ‘GrabItGadgets’ who dropship products to our global consumer base providing exceptional and efficient service. However, after discovering my passion for real estate, I was able to focus primarily on ‘DJ Property Solutions.

What has been your biggest challenge so far? 

Biggest challenge has been gaining trust from respective companies because of my age. People often underestimate my capabilities because of my age therefore the initial stage has been the most difficult. However, through patience, persuasion and dedication, I am able to influence potential consumers to trust me and my services.

What/who inspires you?

Tony Robbins inspires me the most. His philosophy and service that he brings to others motivates me to want to add value and help transform lives. The path he has taken regarding consultancy and mentoring is something I look to go into in the future.

Can you tell us about the awards you have received, if any? 

In my school, I have received subject awards in Business and ICT for performing well and achieving high results.

Are you currently supporting any charity? Can you tell us a little bit about your charity?

I support my church group ‘UCKG’ who are a registered charity that helps people transform their life’s by teaching simple principles such as belief and persistence.

I also support my mother’s charity which she has created called ‘Confident Children’ this has been running for over a decade which supports youth by finding their purpose and socialising with others to instil in them confidence to achieve.

Who in the industry do you aspire to be like?

I inspire to be like Tony Robbins – he is the top global business and life strategist. He is known for embracing life coaching sessions, writing books and hosting his own seminars which I also look to achieve.

Who is your biggest fan? 

My biggest fan is my family, they provide me with great ideas and encouragement to achieve my intentions. In addition, they contribute to the marketing and promotion of my services which expands the traffic I gain to my website.

What would you like to be in the future?

In the future, I would like to be a happily married family man who is ultimately financially free. I want to bring value and change peoples lives, providing services such as consulting and coaching sessions to assist people in reaching their goals and finding their purpose. I aim to leave a legacy which can be followed by others and reduce poverty on a global scale.

What advice would you give other kids your age? 

Advice to other kids my age would be to KNOW YOUR OUTCOME! I believe once you know what you are aspiring to achieve and are determined, small steps each day would see this vision manifest into reality.

What support are you looking to get from readers?

From readers I would like to grow a mastermind group who are in short, a supportive community sharing with each other new opportunities. I would like to understand from these individuals how I can improve my services and would want them to be willing to accept me as a role model which I can add value to.

Wow, isn’t he wonderful? Isn’t he inspiring? We can help this young man achieve his dream by cheering him on, contacting him via his social media to offer advice, help, follow him on social media, recommend him to your friends and family, drive traffic to his website; lets come together and build guys!……Instagram: @djproperty_solutions @denziljones11 Linkdn: @DenzilJones 


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