How our laughter club helped someone develop a new routine

At our laughter club we always spend a few minutes where we all discuss what is currently going on in our lives so that we could support and encourage each other.

On Saturday a lady came and said she had been feeling down and that her husband forced her to come to the club. From our discussion it turned out she just needed to start a new morning routine to help her get out of bed.

Together we came up with a routine to start with.

  • She would put the alarm near their bedroom door so it would force her to get up.
  • She would go out each morning for a 10 minutes walk round the park
  • She and her husband will do one minute of laughter each morning


On Sunday I saw this lady at our local church and her face was glowing with happiness.  Her husband said to me   “What did you do to my wife? She is a different woman”  she is very happy. He said also they tried the growling laughter exercise and loved it. This wonderful lady hugged me so much, and then went on to tell others about our club and invited them to the next session.



Why not join us for our next monthly meeting Saturday 29th June 2019- time we meet 10am to 12noon..

Email me for more information – genny  @ confidentqueen .co. uk



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