Party for mums

Thanks to the organisers of Mothers Club International who contribute, and plan this annual party for mums, where mothers are appreciated and reminded of the enormous contributions and impact they are having in the lives of their children and family. Congratulations on this 10th anniversary event which was filled with love, fun and laughter. and great to be in company of so many wonderful and amazing mothers. The event is now in it;s 10th year.

The event also gave out awards in various categories  and 3 years ago i was surprised and felt very honoured to have won the heart of Gold Award.

1. Extraordinary Mum – This award is for single mums who singlehandedly raised or are raising their children and had or are having extraordinary results despite every challenge.

2. Super Mum – This award is for married mums who have done or are doing an extraordinary job of raising their children and the results were/are outstanding

3. Heart of Gold – This award is for mothers or mothers’ to be that have done or are doing extraordinary job of raising other people’s children

4. Golden Granny – This award is for grandmothers who have done an extraordinary job of raising their children and are now raising their grandchildren and other people’s children.


Business showcase – where mothers  are encouraged  to share and pro,mote their  businesses.

i have now been to about four of these events  and overall, there is no dull moment. It is always a  night to remember and great to see mothers just having fun.

For more information please check their website


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