My day at the Royal Garden Party

It has been one of the most exciting days for me this year, attending the Royal Garden Party in Buckingham Palace  representing the  single parent charity Gingerbread  I  am honoured and grateful to have been chosen with two others.

Start of the day – Travelling from Gravesend to Victoria, our local photographer and friend Jason  kindly joined me at the station in the morning to take some memorable photos which I am grateful for,

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I was very excited on the train and people kept looking at me and smiling. A few people did ask what the occasion was, and I was able to share this with them.

Met up friends for drinks at the Grovesnor Hotel Victoria

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Arrival at the Garden Party

It was so lovely to arrive at Buckingham Palace and to see every one queuing up.Their were lots of tourists taking photos and asking questions,

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Food and Fun

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Various photos

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