Questions to ask yourself when you when you feel a failure.



If we’re willing to view our failure in a positive light and to analyse how we can use what we’ve learnt in the future, the things we go through will enable us to grow stronger and wiser.

If you feel you have failed at something why not take a few minutes to answer these questions which I hope will help you and if you do need help do send me a message.

  1. What have I learned?
  2. Am I grateful for this experience?
  3. How can I turn it into success?
  4. Where do I go from here?
  5. Who else has failed like this, and how can they help me?
  6. How can my experience help others?
  7. Did I actually fail, or just fall short of an unrealistically high goal?
  8. What did I handle well about this experience?’



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