Positive role model- “I was on benefits and wanted to die

The value of a good role model from an early age is so important. Invariably, children will look towards others as examples of how they should try to live.   Our first role models are are parents or care givers and as we grow up we tend to be influenced by our peers.

As s single parent raising boys, I have always made sure that they have good male role models  such as my brothers, teachers, and being into football, their football managers have always been their to help me when i had challenges to deal with.

Now as teenagers, they continue to have role models and today I read about this guy who turned his life around – Reginald Larry-Cole had a successful business, a loving family and expensive cars on the driveway to his dream home. But just a few months later in December 2008, he lost it all when his car finance business Creditlab went bust during the height of the financial crisis.

“I was on benefits and wanted to die “- now I run a £4.3m car finance firm https://www.buy2letcars.com/team/reginald-larry-cole/


Read more about this – 



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