The secret of turning your dreams into reality

Do you have at least one dream that you wish will become a reality?

Would you like to learn about steps you can take to make it a reality?

Are you willing to spend a few minutes each day doing something to make your dreams become a reality?…….

Now I want you to believe and have faith that it will happen – so read on

I was just reading my daily word for today and this inspired me to write this short article extracting some of the information i read and I hope you find it useful especially if like me you want to make at least one your dreams become a reality.

DARE  TO DREAM – Be a doer not a dreamer

“Your dream is worth only what you’re willing to pay for it. Inspiration without perspiration is just a daydream.

40% of the people you meet have great ideas, but all they do is talk about them.

Another 40% work hard and would be willing to give their all for a great dream – but they don’t have one.

Only the remaining 20% have a dream and the faith to make it come true if you believe and are willing to take daily actions to make your dreams come true and use any challenges you may face as experience to learn from. So go ahead – dare to dream.


What you can do to  help you to start achieving your goal

Get a dream book and pen and use your skill of writing  to answer the following questions and when you have finished feel free to share with me.


  1. What is that one  dream that you want to make come true?
  2. What do you need to do to achieve your dream?
  3. Who do you know who has achieved your  dream? Contact them and learn from them or just use google to search on people who are doing things that are similar to what you want to achieve.
  4. What is going to stop you from achieving your dream?
  5. What can you do about the things that you feel are going to stop you achieving your dream?
  6. Why do you want to achieve each of your dream?
  7. How would you feel when you have achieved each of your dreams?
  8. Now spend a few minutes just imagining in detail that you have achieved that one dream

Hope this has been useful, it is down to you now to have a daily plan of how you are going to achieve that dream o if you need help with all this please contact me and enrol on my Confidence to Achieve my dream programme.



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