My fun Gold fish naming ceremony

Here is the ceremony i put together for our fish naming ceremony/.
Welcome you all.
You are whale-come to our fish naming ceremony that you where codially invited to.  I  hope you are not shell-shocked and that you will join in and have a Fin-tastic time.
Before we start can you tuna around and smile to the person  looking at you, please don’t be shellfish, share your best fishy smile.
Genny – Ok to start, lets welcome the cod parents
Kevin, Cat and Marlene


Genny to the cod parents – you where chosen because of your love and dedication you have for the fishes and I know you will take this role seriously
Genny to the cod parents – Please answer these questions-
  1. Do you agree to take care of these fisheses?
  2. Do you agree to encourage other members of our team to also do the same?
  3. Do you agree to protect them from all fish haters – martin LOL?
Please can you now present the fishes and their names
Ros, Fingo Starr and Martin
Genny  says to everyone –  To you my colleagues, do you also agree to do your bit and take care of the well-being and safety of theses fishes?
  1. Do you promise to spend a few minutes sitting next to the fishes in a relax mode and watch them swim around?
  2. Do you agree to pretend to be a fish as you watch the fishes?
  3. Do you agree not to eat fish products near where the fishes are………
Thank you for agreeing to this.
Genny – We have now come to the end and I hope you have enjoyed this ceremony and if your think it  cod have been batter or you found  it too over-whaleming do let us know.

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