I can still play football #booklaunch

This my 2nd children’s book is about a boy Abu who was a very keen football player since he was 3 years old, but at the age of 8 he was involved in a car accident which crushed his leg. As a result the leg had to be amputated which left him feeling very sad as he felt he could never play football again with his friends.

His hope to play football again was restored by his friend who helped him to regain his confidence with the help of the ” I Can box” given to his brother by Confident Queen – who is the Queen of teaching children how to be more confident.


Some of the proceeds of the book will go towards supporting the Confident Children Holiday Acivity Club in Gravesend and the work of Melqosh Mission in Sierra Leone working with disabled children and families whose legs and arms where amputated during the war in Sierra Leone..

BOOK  PUBLISHERS – Mindset Makeover Mission Kent


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