Some people just don’t care.

Yesterday I woke up in my usual happy mood filled with positive vibes.  I went to get my train which though it was packed, I managed to get a sit between two people. A few minutes later I felt a bit unwell.

As I noticed  the passenger who sat next to me was getting off  the next stop ,I decided to slide to his sit as it meant I could lean my head against the glass partition. All of a sudden a lady just bashed in front of me and wanted to sit on the seat.

I explain to her that I needed to sit  on that particular seat so that I could rest my head on the  glass partition, she just gave me a dirty look, headphones in her ears,  eyes on her mobile phone she sat in the next seat next to me.  A few minutes later Started to feel unwell again and had to take my jacket off and fan myself. I put  my head on my hand.


When the train reached our destination I was unable to stand – this same woman  sitting next to  me, got up ignored me and still with headphones on and her face on her mobile got of the train.

Meanwhile  a man opposite me noticed me and  came round and asked if I  was ok, I explain I was feeling a bit unwell, he sat  next to me gave me some water to drink, and  another lady went to get a member of staff. Two of the other passengers started talking tome and expressed their disgust at the lady who sat next to me and completely ignored me.

I am just so glad that at least these good people cared enough to notice and help me especially the guy Mike from Gravesend who took time out to make sure I was ok.



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