Wellbeing and happiness activities to suit all ages

My well-being and happiness activities  are based on some of the practical tips in my popular  inspirational self help book crown of smiles. I also deliver these activities on a regular basis to help me  feel good and have a positive outlook to life.

Check out my nomination for the Pride of Britain Awards for my happiness sessions through the happiness project i set up.

Over the years I have delivered my sessions for a number of organisations such as Kent County Council,  Megan CIC, Mind, North West Kent CVS, Stronger Together, NHS and The Grand Gravesend.

I also take active part  in national awareness days such as World Mental Health Day, Stress Awareness Day, World Happiness Day and World Smile Day

Below is one of my sessions with the Stronger Together project.

 My activities can help improve your mental well-being & happiness

Each time you smile, you throw a little feel-good party in your brain. The act of smiling activates neural messaging that benefits your health and happiness and this is what I aim to achieve in my workshops

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Wellbeing and Happiness  activities are suitable for_

  • Team building
  • As light ice breaker at  staff meetings
  • As a feel good activity at a conference or event
  • For support groups

Wellbeing and Happiness  activities can include:-

  • One Minute Smilence—instant way to feel good
  • SmileXercise—smiling whilst doing light exercise
  • Singing and dancing — With words to my Woohoo Boom Boom song
  • Feel good tips from my book—Crown of Smiles
  • Craft activities—make your own Crown of Smiles and Smiley memory box
  • Laughter Yoga – breathing, clapping, chanting and laughter
  • Laughie – record your laugh and play it back and laugh with it.
  • Kikuwa African Dance –  we dance to the pulsating beats of african music.

To book me why not email me now – genny@confidentqueen.co.uk

My nominations and recognition for spreading happiness

  • LOVE UK Award 2016 organised by Premier Christian Radio
  • Listed Independent on Sunday Happy List 2015 of 100 people in the UK who go out of their way to help others be happier.
  • Halifax Giving Extra Award in 2014
  • Pride of Britain ITV Meridian Awards in 2013 for the Happiness Project Kent
  • Barclays Bank Trading Places Award 2009 for using adversity as a stepping stone to start a business

Check out my book crown of smiles and do email me to purchase your signed copy £4.99+postage genny@confidentqueen.co.uk

Genny Jones aka Confident Queen featured on the following TV Shows

Britain’s Got Talent …..Who’s doing the Dishes ….Good Morning Britain….Quiz show Pick me ..,, BBC Genius

For more information contact: genny@confidentqueen.co.uk

Follow on twitter @confident_queen


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