Time to change the story of your life

-When you are fed up of being fed up, one day it will just click. One day you will wake up and just say, “I can’t do this no more, I don’t want to feel like this anymore, it’s time for me to get up and do whatever it takes to change the story of your life..

Your change start by accepting where you are in life, and making a decision to make the changes you need.  Give yourself time to sit down, and start writing down how you want your story to end. If you where being interviewed for a newspaper article about the story of your life what would you want them to write?


Once you are clear about how you want your story to end, you need to write down all the things you need to do and  then plan to take small steps towards achieving them.

When your vison for your life is clear, the results will appear.  Use your imagination on a regular basis and imagine you living the life you so desire. Remember what you constantly focus on in life, you attract.





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