When your goal seems unreachable and you are getting older

Sometimes it can be difficult to carry on when you feel you are getting older and that you still have not achieved that one goal. Perhaps you have been trying too hard on your own, and it’s time to sum up the courage and confidence to ask for help and learn from someone who has achieved that same goal.

What stops us achieving our goals

Not being clear about want you want

Setting up unrealistic goals

Giving up too quickly

Wishing things will just work out without you doing anything

Being distracted by other stuff

Taking on too much

Trying to do it all on your own

Having no one to support and encourage you

Focussing on the things you don’t have


How to motivate yourself to achieve your goals


Achiving your dreams at 40+

You can just use google to read stories about people who succeded against all odds.




I hope this helps, please don’t give up on your dreams. Do email me if you need some help.



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