Lessons from the England vs Columbia game #21DayGoalChallange

Yesterday was such an exciting event watching the football with my two teenage sons,  Before I watched the match, I did my tuning in to the England team, through the power of my thoughts and sent them positive and winning vibes. I also posted messages on my social media  – #KeepTheDreamAlive and I encouraged people to also  send positive vibes to the #WinningEnglandTeam

Watching the match was like being on a roller coaster, one minute our hopes where high, then it was dashed as they went to penalty shoot out. At this moment we where so tense and I just did not want to watch.  When Columbia missed one of the penalties, it was tense and as the final England player took the last shot – I was sweating, nervous and closed my eyes praying and then WooHoo hearing the scream from my boys, I knew we had done it. YES we danced, we laughed, we sang and it felt good.


Tips on achieving  goals from watching the match

*Put together a team of people that is going to help you achieve your goals

*Be accountable and have people who will cheer you on your journey to success

* Have a game plan to achieve your goal

*Imagine the end result

*Stay calm even if it seems like you may not achieve your goal

*Give your self some positive self talk

*Believe you can achieve your goal

*Plan how you will celebrate your achievement




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