Check out some of the reviews of my OneWomanVariety Show #CQ1WomanShow

Thanks to everyone who came to support my  show which was yesterday 23rd June at our  local Riverside Community Centre in Gravesend Kent.

Here is a photo of some of the people attending inclding all my sponsors whom i am very grateful for.

In the show, I use humour, music, and dance to explain my journey from a period of sadness and depression to regaining my confidence and developing  techniques to help me live a happier life and helping others do the same.


Here are some feedback.

“Womaletics was the main sponsor, and  produced a great show last night The Confident Queen One Woman Show. Our first on stage! With all the hiccups it went off successfully because of the star of the show Genny Jones aka Confident Queen and the Happy Team. Each time it gets better” – Angela Steele

Paul Williams – “A great evening with the amazing Genny Jones Confident Queen at her one woman show”

ITC digital – sponsors

Ayoola ” Lovely evening of fun and laughter 😄 😄 😄. Thanks Genny. (Very good, very good, yaaaaaaaay!)”

My good friend christine

Bunmi – So much fun today as we supported one of own during her one woman show. Well done Genny Jones aka Confindent queen.

Lovely ladies


Please contact me if you are able to help me take my  Confident Queen One Woman Variety show on tour as it is my dream to do this and use it to help as many people as I can to have hope and know that even though things can be tough at times  we can still be smiling despite the challenges of life.


More photos fo guests having fun thanks to Tina from  walking in your calling

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