Day-21 (21) Congratulations on completing #21daygoalchallenge

WOW, I am so happy that we started this journey together and now we can celebrate even the smallest achievements.

My Achievements

As for me, this 21 weeks has really helped me to focus and clarify the things I want to achieve.  My goal for the 21 days was to get sponsors for my One Woman Variety Show.  These are the things I did.

My belief

I believed that I would get sponsorship


I took action each day

I made a leaflet with all the sponsors logo’s and hung it up to I could see it each day.

I imagined each  morning and night the people sponsoring me, and me thanking them

I wrote down how much I needed to raise – The very act of writing your goals can cause your blood pressure and heart rate to go up. You feel good when you’re going after something that inspires you!

I then looked through my friend’s   and sent a sponsorship package to them all – and guess what each of them sponsored me.

I created and repeated my positive affirmations   on a regular basis – eg, I would affirm “ I am so grateful and thankful for all the people who are able to sponsor me “



Please let me know how you have got on so I can celebrate with you.


Your next steps

Even if you have not achieved all you wanted to, you got to keep going and take action every single day, and know deep down you too will achieve your goals



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