Day 6 (21) developing self discipline to achieve your goals #21DayGoalChallenge

I discovered that when trying to achieve my goals, success comes when I am disciplined, focussed, and  avoid temptations and distractions.

I read somewhere that Self discipline is a learned behaviour. that requires practice and repetition in our  day-to-day life which will help us to establish good habits, break bad ones, and help us improve our self control by making simple changes to our everyday routine.


Some tips on being self disciplined to achieve your goals


1.Removing all temptations and distractions from your environment is a crucial first step when working to improve your self discipline.

2.Eat regularly and healthily

In order to stay on track, make sure that you are well fuelled throughout the day with healthy snacks and meals every few hours. Eating often regulates your blood sugar levels and improves your decision making skills and concentration. Allow your brain to focus on your goals and priorities instead of on your growling stomach.


3.Don’t wait for it to “feel right.

Breaking a bad habit and building a new habit not only requires us to make active decisions, it will feel wrong. Your brain will resist the change in favour of what it has been programmed to do. Acknowledge that it will take a while for your new regime to feel right or good or natural. Keep chugging along. It will happen.

4.Schedule breaks, treats, and rewards for yourself

I have decided to eat healthier, but it does not stop me from including my favourite chocolate treats and other food that I really enjoy.

 5. Forgive yourself and move forward.

If you have a set back, acknowledge what caused it and move on. Don’t let yourself get wrapped up in guilt, anger or frustration, because these emotions will only drag you further down and impede future progress. Learn from your missteps and forgive yourself. Then get your head back in the game and refocus on your goals.


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